Always Thin Dailies Unscented Wrapped Liners 162 Count



162 ct
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Get a fresh feeling all day every day with Always Thin Dailies Liners! Always Thin Dailies are so incredibly thin, you may forget you’re wearing them. The breathable, absorbent layer helps keep you dry, while Edge2Edge Adhesive helps keep the liner in place for stay-put protection. For a comfortable, fresh feeling every day of the month, try Always Thin Dailies Liners.
  • Thin and absorbent for discreet, everyday freshness
  • Breathable layer helps keep moisture away from your skin
  • Edge2Edge Adhesive helps keep the liner in place for stay-put protection
  • Individually wrapped so you can take it anywhere
  • Unscented for protection that goes unnoticed

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" 20% thinner is 100% failed ", 
March 30, 2017
Location:  New Berlin, WI
These liners were perfect the way they were!! Making them 20% thinner RUINED them. They do not absorb wetness as well and they do not absorb odor AT ALL. I can't find anything else that even comes close to replacing the original xtra protection regular dailies unscented liners. Why don't you make a regular, unscented liner with odor lock?? I can only find them in extra long. We "regular" girls appreciate odor protection too.
" Love the comfort! ", 
January 25, 2017
Location:  New York, NY
For a long time I struggled to find a panty liner to wear under tampons and on very light days. I tried so many companies and different variations of panty liners all of them would either be not wide enough, scrunch up or be uncomfortable to wear. So I decided to talk to my friends and almost all of them recommended these over any other one! So much decided to buy a pack to see what all the fuss was about! It has made my period like an everyday experience, and I kid you not I will never buy any other panty liner! You don't feel any thing, if anything it's a softer feeling, it's nice and sticky so it doesn't fall off your underwear and it has a good amount of absourbenicy! Recommend to any girl!
" Why did you change them??? ", 
December 03, 2016
Location:  Colorado Springs, CO
I used to love these panty liners. I have been an always user for decades. I recently had to purchase more only to find out that they were '20% thinner' I am frustrated because they are not as durable as they previously were. I liked them to be a little thicker, as they held up to moving around better and they weren't uncomfortable previously. Not sure why they changed them. I hope they are as durable, but as I have realized today I think I may be disappointed. Why do companies have to change a good product, they don't always make it better
" Bring back flexi-style! ", 
November 29, 2016
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to like these since I have been a long-time user of the Always Flexi-Style Liners which were sadly discontinued, but these Sheer Dilies don't compare! They are much too thin, and don't stick very well. They move around and bunch up which is uncomfortable. And though they do have the flexibility to work with thongs (my #1 reason for needing these) the actual cotton absorbent part is too short and provides very little coverage. The old flexi-style liners were longer, with the cotton part going from tip to tip, were much better. Also hate how these come individually wrapped. What a waste! Always, I have loved your products but am really disappointed that you have discontinued the flexi-style liners And especially the 100 count box that came unwrapped. I have now moved on to Carefree brand thong liners with wings as they are much more absorbent, with better coverage, and work with thongs while staying in place. If you bring back the flexi-style liners, I'd switch back to Always in a heartbeat! Bring them back!!!
  • Always Thin Dailies Unscented Wrapped Liners 162 Count