Luvs Ultra Clean Wipes 3X Refills - 216 ct



216 ct
5.99 $5.99
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Luvs ultra clean wipes have pillowy bumps to help make cleaning a breeze!
  • Pillowy bumps to help make cleaning a breeze!
  • Gentle on your baby's skin
  • Quilted for a great clean
  • Alcohol Free

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" Luvs Wipes ", 
September 24, 2014
Location:  Moses Lake, WA
Since starting to use Luvs Wipes I haven’t had to use any of my perscription ointment to keep me from being very tender and aggitated in that area. (I’m healed!”) I must be allergic to what’s in a lot of the others that would sting a lot, increasing with multiple uses. Getting more Luvs Wipes became a “huge” deal for this thankful, retired, aging, old man... :-)
" baby wipes ", 
July 30, 2014
Location:  indianapolis, IN
i just wanted to say thank you. i use your wipes everyday on myself. I have colon rectal cancer and have to quite frequently use the restroom and wipe alot. Your wipes do not irritate or bother me in any way. They make having this disease a little more manageable. Once again thank you very much.
" luvs wipes ", 
April 23, 2013
Location:  farmingdale, NY
id have to say these wipes are not the best but not the worst....the price is pretty much the same as other wipes they do tend to be a little too moist at times but they do smell good and they do the job but when to moist they feel a little slimmy bc they seem thin and too moist
" Great Wipes! ", 
March 22, 2013
Location:  syracuse,ny, NY
I had a hard time finding wipes for my daughter. Huggies made her have an allergic reaction and I was going through pampers wipes very quickly. Finally I found luvs wipes and I wont go back. I find myself only using one or two instead of three to four wipes as well as they make her cleaner then the other wipes. Highly recommend!