Dawn Ultra Original Scent Dishwashing Liquid 14 Fl Oz



14 oz
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Ultra Dawn has the power you need to fight tough grease and get the squeaky-clean dishes you're looking for.
  • Cleans 2X more greasy dishes* *per drop vs. non-Ultra Joy while suds last.
  • 2X Concentrated more power, less waste* *vs. non-ultra Dawn. Ultra Dawn can clean more with less so there's less waste from plastic bottles.
  • One 14 Oz bottle of Ultra Dawn has the cleaning power of two bottles of the leading 14 Oz non concentrated brand.
  • You can count on Ultra Dawn to get through more dishes without the water feeling greasy* *vs. the leading non-concentrated brand.

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" Yet another use for Dawn Ultra ", 
March 12, 2015
Location:  Howe, TX, USA
My dog believes his sole purpose in life is to protect my property from skunks. In doing so, he almost inevitably receives the full wrath (spray) of the sunk. In the many years that I have attempted to descent him, nothing has worked - until now. Remembering Dawn's success with wildlife, I bathed him in full strength Dawn, and was amazed that all of the smell was gone immediately. This has been repeated many times, now, with the same results. My sweet smelling dog and I cannot thank you enough! There will never be any other detergent in my home.
" This product use to have great features. ", 
March 10, 2015
Location:  Rhode Island
Retired Military wife,I converted 42 wives to dawn just by the test of a few drops to watch grease disappear,have been user for 20 plus years.I am now seeking for a new Liquid the drop test no longer works and the grease is still there.31 of the women no longer use Dawn.It is very up setting it has become much more expensive and less effective.and use double the amount..I have tried all of them.Now I will have the ugly task of trying new product's to find one that even comes close to dawn when it first came out when Quality meant more.
" saved alot of money and cleans great ", 
March 09, 2015
Location:  Virgina
Just to let you know. I have been using dawn for many years. I bought a 90fl oz bottle and instead of using water I use just a sponge and of course water for rinsing. I have been using it for over a year washing dishes. Saves me oodles of money now. THANKS.
" Dawn Ultra 2X isn't living up to Dawn Original! ", 
December 08, 2014
Location:  Canton, OH, USA
I have used Dawn for years. Recently I bought the new Dawn Ultra 2X. I immediately noticed the suds didn't last. Then I realized the dishes were still greasy in my dish drainer. My husband noticed the same thing. I just poured half a bottle down the drain and will never buy it again. I bought a bottle of Dawn Ultra that didn't include "2X" on the label and it seems a little better, but I'm seriously considering changing brands. What a disappointment from a product that has been excellent for so many years! I hope P&G corrects the problem so that I will want to continue using Dawn.
  • Dawn Ultra Original Scent Dishwashing Liquid 14 Fl Oz

    Dawn Ultra Original Scent Dishwashing Liquid 14 Fl Oz

    (136 reviews)