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Venus & Olay helps replenish your skin's moisture for less dryness* while you shave close. You love the feeling of soft, smooth skin, but shaving can sometimes make your skin dull and dry. Only the Venus & Olay razor combine Venus' best shaving technology and Olay's skin expertise all in one. All Venus razor blade cartridges fit all Venus razor handles. *vs. Venus Breeze over time. Each pack includes 1 razor handle, 1 razor blade refill cartridge and 1 shower hook. *vs. Venus Breeze, over time
  • Olay Moisture Bars release skin conditioners to help lock in moisture to your skin for less dryness* *vs. Venus Breeze over time
  • 5 blades shave you close
  • Just wet the razor to activate a light lather
  • Comes with a shower hook to hang the razor in your shower
  • All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles

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" good for one or two uses ", 
November 04, 2015
Location:  Texas
Tried this razor for the first time tonight. Worked great. I like that you don't need shave gel. My legs feel so smooth
" Still Working Well ", 
October 27, 2015
Location:  Norfolk, VA
After using this razor longer, it's still holding up. My husband is the main one who uses it now since the soap bars are no more and he doesn't need them anyways. He says the shave is decent and the razor itself is easy enough to use. It hasn't been broken by his firmer grip or a mishap, so I would say that shows it is constructed well. I gave three stars for problems mentioned in my last review, namely how quickly the soap bars on it run out and how after they ran out, I got a slight razor burn when using the razor. I'm not sure if they are worth the money since they run out so quickly and afterwards become just slightly better then your generic razor.
" Venus & Olay ", 
October 27, 2015
Location:  Jacksonville, NC
I was provided one of these Venus & Olay razors to test out via a program run by Venus. The five blade razor shaved the same width as my regular razor, however the blades seemed spaced closer together. The razor rinsed out easily, that along with no need for shaving cream makes for a quick shave for this razor. My favorite application of it is to shave my armpits in the sink when there is just no time to hop in the shower. It's also wonderful for shaving legs what ever the senario. I never had a problem with razor rash using this, which is typically a bit off an issue for me. The shave gel bars were a bit bulky at first, so the first few times I ever used it, I did have trouble with my bikini line, just getting the razor where I needed it was a little awkward so I ended up going back per the same areas with old razor. Still no shaving cream was needed then! The built in shave gel bars come off thick when the razor is fresh. I also noticed that I did not get as close of a shave as I am accostomed to using what I consider regular pressure, because of the way they razor slid atop the thick layer of shave gel. After using it a few different times that was no longer an issue. I had to get used to a different feel of the razor in my hand, change my technique a little, and the shave gel did not come off quite as think after the first few uses. After many uses the shave gel bars are almost gone. Now that they are thin and don't touch as great an are of my skin I think I will continue to use the razor for a bit as a normal razor with my regular shaving cream as the blades are still sharp and not yet needing to he replaced. Other people might not run in to this senario, I feel tht I rinsed off a lot of the gel bars just rinsing my hair out of the razor, however I have very thick hair. Overall this has given me the best shave experience, no razor burn, no need for additional shaving cream, less overall time spent shaving with this! The vanilla creme scent was hardly noticeable to me, so I can definitely say it was not over powering or unpleasant. The razor stick also came with a suction cup shower hook, I loved how petite it was, however I current don't keep my razor in the shower so it is of no use to me.
" Great Razor that Smells Great Too! ", 
October 27, 2015
Location:  Silver Spring, MD
I received this AMAZING razor through a program run by Venus. Each month, I buy and try tons of razors and this is now my go-to razor. First, this razor smells great - a hint of honey and vanilla. It's not overpowering and as a person with super sensitive skin, it didn't break me out. The Olay moisture bars help nourish your skin while also achieving a super close shave. It has 5 blades to ensure you have super smooth skin after using. You won't even need shaving cream! The handle is super soft and the cartridges are very easy to refill and put together. It also came with a suction hook that helps store your razor so it isn't affected by extra water from the shower. However, when using the razor, if you don't use enough does leave a sticky residue but easily washes off with water. I would most definitely recommend this lasts a long time and saves money on buying cheap razors each month.
  • Gillette Venus & Olay Women's Razor 1 ct

    Gillette Venus & Olay Women's Razor 1 ct

    Special Offer
    Special Offer
    For a limited time. Limited quantities. While supplies last.