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Clean Scent
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Get a fresh start all day, every day with Always Thin Daily Regular Clean Scent Liners. Always Thin pantiliners are incredibly thin and comfortable, designed to feel like fresh underwear so you can wear them every day. A breathable absorbent layer helps keep you dry, while Edge-2-­Edge Adhesive helps keep it in place all day long. For a comfortable, fresh feeling with a light, fresh scent every day of the month try Always Thin Regular Clean Scent Daily Liners for women.
  • Always Thin Daily Liners are thin and absorbent for discreet, everyday freshness
  • For a shower-fresh feeling all day, every day
  • Always Thin Daily Pantiliners have a breathable layer that helps keep you dry
  • Edge-2-Edge Adhesive helps keep the liner in place
  • Individually wrapped so you can take it anywhere
  • Always liners has products that help you get the level of protection that's right for you

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" No More Unscented? ", 
November 23, 2018
Location:  Los Angeles, CA
I used to wear these everyday, but now they no longer make Unscented. They only make Freshn'Clean Scent. Why did you stop making Unscented? Please bring back Unscented. (Please note: I gave this one star because I am dissappointed that they don't make unscented anymore, but the review wouldn't go through with one star. I tried a few times. But look what happens when I give it five stars!)
" Super ", 
October 21, 2018
Location:  Dublin
A great product keeps me feeling fresh all day very flexible and super comfortable wouldn't even know you were wearing them .
" These used to be my favorite ", 
September 27, 2018
Location:  Saranac Lake, NY
I have been using Always since I first had a period. I've been using these liners for around 10 years. All of a sudden the last two packages (since the wrapper design changed) have had leaks! I don't know what changed, but these never leaked before. Now all of a sudden I get leaks right through the middle of the pad!! How embarrassing to have blood on my khaki pants at work!! It seems like there is a small absorbent pad in the center of it and the rest of it is made of paper tape. They also don't stick as well as they used to. This is a shame, as these are the most comfortable liners I have ever used, but I can't buy another package knowing it might leak.
" Not enough adhesive on the liner ", 
September 25, 2018
Location:  Roanoke Virginia
Used the product for years. All of a sudden the last few boxes the liner barely stays on. It’s not enough adhesive on the liner to stick good on panty. Comes off.
  • Always Thin Daily Liners, 20 Count, Clean Scent, Wrapped, Regular