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When you want your 'do to stand up to anything, you need a hairspray with extreme hold. Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray makes stubborn styles obey! That hold lasts for a full day, meaning you get 24 hours where you don't have to worry about frizz or hair slipping out of place while your hair smells of a zesty citrus and floral fragrance. With extreme hold, your style isn't going anywhere. Set it fast and you're good to go!
  • Extreme hold hairspray freezes your style in an instant
  • Helps protect hair’s protein to help preserve strength with UV protection for the hair.
  • Keeps your hair in place with the strongest hold for 24 hours
  • Leaves hair smelling like a vibrant blend of citruses, floral scents, and rich wood notes
  • Gets hair in place fast - just style, spray, and you're good to go

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" Something has changed ", 
November 08, 2018
Location:  Jackson, TN
I have used this hairspray for years, but I will not buy in the future. I see others are having the same issues. The last 4 cans I have bought have not sprayed or spray three or four times and quit. I have cleaned the tops, sprayer as well as taken the top off and attempted to clean. I won't be buying anymore.
" Becomes clogged after one or two uses ", 
October 10, 2018
Location:  NC
I done understand what has changed in this product. I have used for several years and all of a sudden every can I buy becomes clogged in just a few uses. It doesn't matter if you take the sprayer off and run under hot water or soak in hot water the same thing happens. I have even tried to make hole larger in sprayer but doesn't seem to help. I am looking for the same quality that your product was in years past. Or a new product all together.
" Won't spray - 4th bottle ", 
September 26, 2018
Location:  Fond du lac, WI
Well, I'm done. This is now the 4th bottle of this I've purchased that will not spray. This time it's almost brand new. Worked maybe 5 times. Previous bottles made it about half way through and quit. I've taken the nozzle off put in hot water, been through that whole routine multiple times with no luck. I'm done throwing my money away. I'm done purchasing this product.
" This is only spray that holds my hair ", 
September 14, 2018
Location:  Mid Michigan
Problem is the last couple of cans I bought once you spray it they no longer work. I have 2 fulls cans...neither will work. Even after cleaning the spray head. I wonder if something changed during the manufacture of these.
  • Aussie Instant Freeze Aerosol Hairspray 7 Oz

    Aussie Instant Freeze Aerosol Hairspray 7 Oz

    (746 reviews)