Braun Series 5-590 System



1 ct
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Power Comb Patented technology lifts problem hairs that lie flat to the skin to avoid missed hairs in hard to shave areas.
  • Contour Hugging Head - Shaver head automatically adjusts with every facial contour for maximum closeness and comfort
  • 3-stage Cutting System - Twin Foils and integrated cutter shave long hairs and stubble progressively close
  • Washable under running water for easy cleaning
  • 60 days Money Back Guarantee with sales receipt
  • Clean & Renew Refill: SD-Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.) Perfume, Limonen, Citral

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" Work of Art ", 
October 22, 2012
Location:  Austin TX
I have the Braun Series 7 790cc-4. This is my first electric shaver so comparisons can’t be made. Being technically oriented I’ll say the shaver is a technical work of art. The engineers did a great job. My beard consists of hair slightly thicker than average and a little less dense than average. The hair grows out on steep angles in some areas. Compared to a good shaving gel and an excellent razor blade I did not think an electric razor could compete. It can. My face feels softer after the gel and razor blade but this is due to long contact with soap and water. The actual length of hair afterwards is a bit questionable. I would guess the razor blade is a little closer but occasionally the razor blade takes some skin with it. The Braun works better on my neck area than a razor. Naturally, I can only use a razor blade after a shower, using plenty of soap on my face, and then using the shaving gel prior to the razor blade. With the Braun I can shave any time but preferably not immediately after a shower when the hair is softer. Low, medium and high settings work OK but medium seems the best so far. Someone mentioned hair pulling. I got none of that. The experience is totally beyond what I expected. Now I’m looking for the ideal lotion for my face after the electric shave. It is OK to use nothing but it is hard to break old habits. I was surprised at how well it gets the upper lip area and just below the nose. Trimming up to the side burns was no problem. Then of course you have the pop-out hair trimmer for the sideburns or a mustache. Very clever. My wife wants to use the razor also but is concerned about any man facial lotions I might get on it. Well, the cleaning station is amazing. It has various levels of automatic cleaning and drying of the razor. The 25 second quick clean is convenient but it has no heated dry cycle so blotting the shaver is necessary to dry it off. I would assume the dry cycle would heat it up too much for immediate use. The tilt lock only activates when the head is tilted in one direction. This took me a while to figure out. Changing the cutting head is easy. The display readout is OK and conveniently located. The automated indicators are great. They take the guess work out of when it needs cleaning or charging. The docking/cleaning/charge station is well designed. Changing cleaning fluid is easy. The time it took me to shave was as quick as using gel and a razor blade. The convenience is much better. Now I don’t splash water all over the bathroom when rinsing my face. The overall design totally impressed me. I thought I would only use the Braun on a few occasions. Now I might use it all the time. The Braun is a bit expensive but I think you get all you pay for. It is an amazing piece of equipment.
" The ergonomic design makes this razor easy to use. ", 
February 16, 2013
Location:  Lake Luzerne New York
I owned a Braun series 8000 for six years that I finally wore out. The 590 is a step up for me. I would recommend Braun to anyone who has sensitive skin, and is looking for a razor that gives a comfortable shave.
" My husband loves this shaver ", 
April 09, 2013
Location:  Killen, AL
I got this shaver for my husband at Christmas and he absolutely loves it. He said it was one of the best shaves he has ever had. We thanked me over and over for getting him this and said I would not have done any better. I would recommend this shave to anyone, especially men who have hard, rough beards and can't seem to get a good, clean shave.
" Excellent Product ", 
September 24, 2012
Excellent Product.. Will definitely recommend this to all my friends!