Old Spice Classic Scent Men's After Shave 6.37 Fl Oz



6.4 oz

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With a buoy-shaped bottle and distinctive scent, Old Spice After Shave is as American as a man on a motorcycle jumping over a baseball stadium while singing the national anthem. And the only thing despots hate more than decentralized government and free speech is the smell of Old Spice After Shave. So punch totalitarianism in the piehole by splashing on some Old Spice After Shave.
  • Cool, crisp and clean.
  • The unmistakably masculine scent of Old Spice.
  • For after shaving.
  • You know the smell of fear? It is the opposite of that smell.
  • Plants a flag of fragrance high atop your man mountain.

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" NOT the Same ", 
November 08, 2018
I had purchased several bottles a few years back. Finally ran out and picked up a bottle early this year. I have been using old spice after shave for 30yr. New formula stinks.. So, so very sad at the change, So much for an icon I am unable to adequately describe the depth of my disappointment. Honestly saddened.
" Scent is not what it was!!! ", 
October 12, 2018
I started shaving more than 45 years ago. I am very disappointed that it is no longer the O.S. great fragrance I remember as a young man. It is definitely not the same fragrance my Dad and Grand Dad used. The original scent brings back so many great memories with Dad and my Grandpa. The new Classic has a stronger alcohol odor without the Old Spice fragrance. Bring back that original fragrance?
" No Longer the Classic Scent ", 
October 07, 2018
Old Spice now has very little scent; it seems watered down and not nearly the same scent. What a shame some corporate ladder climber talked the company into changing the Real and True Classic Old Spice into some watered down imitation of the original in order to show a bigger profit. Congratulations; you've lost another loyal customer.
" Not the "Classic" it once was. ", 
September 22, 2018
The scent is weak and doesn't refresh and pleasantly linger. In fact, it smells of alchohol. Did P+G just cut costs? Bring back Shulton. The original manufacturers.