Old Spice Pure Sport Scent Men's After Shave 6.37 Fl Oz




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With a buoy-shaped bottle and distinctive scent, Old Spice After Shave is as American as a man on a motorcycle jumping over a baseball stadium while singing the national anthem. And the only thing despots hate more than decentralized government and free speech is the smell of Old Spice After Shave. So punch totalitarianism in the piehole by splashing on some Old Spice After Shave after shaving.
  • Cool, crisp and clean
  • The unmistakably masculine scent of Old Spice
  • For after shaving
  • For after showering
  • For whenever you want to feel cool and refreshed

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" Classic is for Men ", 
June 02, 2016
I started using Classic the day I got my safety razor last December. I love the scent, and the aftershave works perfectly. My grandfather used to have an old bottle in his bathroom, so I know it has been around a while. Personally, I love the stuff and recommend it to anyone.
" A Third Generation User ", 
December 06, 2011
Location:  Richmond, VA
My grandfather used Old Spice. My father used Old Spice. I am almost 60 and I have used Old Spice all my life - except for a brief period in the late 60's when I mistakenly thought a man should smell like an old english leather couch. Every time I splash on Old Spice, I think of my father and my grandfather. How special is that?
" Best Mosquito Repellent EVER ", 
October 11, 2016
This is the only thing my dad ever wore and by accident he found out it repelled mosquitoes. Its safe to use on kids and it smells great too. Its the only thing I use. And now its all my friends use too.
" The original and still the best. ", 
August 29, 2013
Location:  Centereach, NY
No, I'm sorry, Swagger is good but it is not 'even better' than the original Old Spice. This is the timeless classic, not because it reminds us of our fathers and grandfathers, but just because it smells that good. It seems that P&G is de-emphasizing this scent. I hope there is no intention of phasing this out as there are still plenty of us who prefer this to anything else. Please make it more widely available, and bring back a classic scent body spray. While you're at it, please bring back the classic Lime cologne as well.
  • Old Spice Pure Sport Scent Men's After Shave 6.37 Fl Oz

    Old Spice Pure Sport Scent Men's After Shave 6.37 Fl Oz

    (85 reviews)