Old Spice Wild Wolfthorn Scent Body Spray for Men, 3.75 oz



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Old Spice Men's Body Spray keeps you smelling great all day. Simply unlock the cap and spray your body from 6–8 inches away before you leave the house in the morning. Keep one in your gym bag and one at home. Deep in every man, beneath the people clothes and remembering how to drive, beats the heart of a wild animal. Old Spice Wild Collection taps into that animal magnetism and unleashes the power of a beast in his element. Wolfthorn smells like the seductive and mysterious night. Old Spice Men's Body Spray keeps your whole body smelling fresh all day long with Re-fresh Scent Technology because that's how long you have a body. Win the battle of natural selection: out-compete your enemies, attract nearby females, and answer the smell of the wild.
  • Wolfthorn is the sort of sophisticated wolf who wears a suit that has a suave, sweet orange scent
  • Old Spice Men's Body Spray for bodies lasts all day, because your body is your body all day long—usually
  • Answer the smell of the wild with Old Spice Wild Collection
  • So easy to use you might accidentally put it on and only later realize your man-nificence
  • Wearing body spray is like wearing a suit of armor except the suit is a smell and won't stop projectiles so don't expect it to

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" Missing BearGlove ", 
June 28, 2017
This is the BEST scent you all have on the market right now, but it is becoming extremely hard to find. Especially the body spray. I live in Chicago and have been looking for the past 3-4 months and have not been able to find the BearGlove body spray in any major chain store on the north or south side of the city.
" best fragrance you guys make ", 
August 09, 2015
This stuff is so good that i cant keep it in stock at my house cause my wife uses it so she can "smell me all day." I wish you made it in an acctualy spray cologne
" Killing your LOYAL CUSTOMERS ", 
November 26, 2016
I have been using this product for so many years, and when it went from the 4 oz can to the tall 3.75 oz can, you can tell the scent changed a bit. Why do you have to mess with a good thing? I am still using the tall can, but now can't seem to find it in any store except online, and that is getting harder too. Bring back the original please and quit killing your customer base...
" Best ever scent! ", 
May 27, 2016
Everytime I wear this I get compliments and inquiries to what cologne I'm using. But why can't I find this at any stores?
  • Old Spice Wild Wolfthorn Scent Body Spray for Men, 3.75 oz

    Old Spice Wild Wolfthorn Scent Body Spray for Men, 3.75 oz

    (127 reviews)